Monday, June 8, 2015

Traveller: The Fringe Sector

So I am running a Traveller campaign for my friends, and since I haven't really done anything with this blog in awhile due to being busy, I thought I'd do some write-ups on the material I've done for the campaign

The Fringe

  • Sector Capital: Hall (2340 A8C9A97-D)
  • Sector Population: 19,031,754,220,560 (estimated)
  • Number of Systems: 316
  • Neighboring Sectors: Balfore (Coreward), Coalsack (Trailing), Little Islands (Rimward), Luminous (Spinward)
  • Subsectors: Auric [E], Austringer [N], Elsaid [D], Elsewhere [J], Eurisko [C], Hall [O], Hextant [B], Kittery [P], Looking [I], Macintosh [L], Manhattan [M], Mossdeep [H], Neros [F], Raspton [K], Rothchild [G], White Sand [A]
The Fringe sector is not the frontier sector it was eighty years ago when it had only a handful of colonies.  That was before the war with the K'kree.  The people fleeing the ruthless herbivores on the Terran Confederacy's spinward borders has led to a population boom on the trailing side of humanity's stellar polity. Most of the sector has been touched by humanity now, with the exceptions being systems lacking gas giants and ample water to refuel starships with.

Many of the worlds are young colonies, with little industrial infrastructure and bare-bone starports.  They rely on the older and more established worlds for their supplies and industrial goods, typically those with a Class B (or better) starport and higher technology levels.  Eurisko and Hextant are the technological innovators of the sector, capable of manufacturing TL 16 items.

There has been a push of populations into the neighboring Little Islands sector.  Both Balfore and Luminous are heavily populated sectors, while most of Coalsack belongs to the Aslan Hierate due to treaties of alliance.  Humans and Vargr can emigrate into Hierate space, but most find Aslan society far too stifling.  The Confederate Navy and Survey Service has been constructing bases in the sector in recent years, leading many to speculate that the Confederacy is going to sponsor a major expansion rimward into the rift sectors.

The new crop of colonists and colonies has upset the status quo, leading to an unsettled peace between the Confederacy's member polities in the sector.  Piracy has risen, and mercenaries are rarely short of work.  Add to this the mysteries surrounding a number of failed colonies, the sector has been certainly experiencing its share of 'interesting times' as the old curse goes.