Monday, September 14, 2015

Miniature Monday: Stormcast Eternals and More

I haven't written in this blog in some time.  Haven't felt like I have had anything worth saying.  Let's share some pretty pictures of miniatures though.  This time we're putting up some Stormcast Eternal Liberators from Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar line, a few Orphans from Zenit Miniatures, and a few Heavy Gear models.  If you have any questions about how I did something, please ask away in the comments.

These are the Stormcast Eternal Liberators I've finished so far.  They came from the starter box, so their poses are repeated in a second unit (in fact there's a repeated pose in this set because one of them is the free one that came with an issue of White Dwarf).  I liked the blue and gold look that the 'default' look has, but I changed a few details to suit myself.  The leather parts are much more red than the pink of the official paint scheme.  You might also notice subtle changes in some of the colors since I was shifting away from using Citadel paints because of frustrations with their paint pots.  The only Citadel color left in the arsenal that creates this color scheme is Reikland Fleshwash, and that's what creates the nice red tone for the parchment ribbons.  The highlight for the gold armor is Interference Gold from Golden Acrylics.

This is one of a pair of Baleful Realmgates that Games Workshop put out recently.  I kept it pretty simple by sticking with a basecoat and a heavy wash for the stone.  The gold elements were done similarly, except I used Interference Gold as a drybrush for it to give it that aged metal look.  

The portal itself is a more complex piece of work.  I started by mixing a pure white with a glow in the dark paint and thinning that down into a thickish wash consistency and putting that on to reverse the shadows.  Then I drybrushed it with RMS LED Blue, followed by Interference C-T Blue-Green.  The end effect looks like a foamy bunch of water with parts that catch the light. 

This is a Kastelan Battle Robot from Warhammer 40k.  I was experimenting with weathering powders from Vallejo and Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I wasn't very happy with the result until I saw an actual car on the road while driving that was covered in dust a lot like this guy is.  So I figure it works.  I was aiming for a white sand desert and wanted dust to have gotten everywhere; mission accomplished.

A trio of Hunter gears.  These aren't recent, I'm afraid, but they're so much better than the photos I took with my phone at the time I thought I'd share.  These date back to 2012 or so and are for Heavy Gear Blitz.  I keep looking at the photos and telling myself I can paint way better than that now.  But then I get the models out and realize these things are about an inch tall.  Think about that for a moment while you look at the pictures.  There's no way am I going to be able to do better unless I disassembled them and painted them before assembling them.

Those are the pilot names, by the way.

These are also not new work, but better photos of them.  The dust is a result of them being in storage for a number of years.  If you haven't seen anything by Zenit Miniatures before, these guys are from them.  They're very detailed models.  These particular examples hail from the days when Zenit cast things in resin; they're all cast in white metal now.  I think the resin models were easier to work with and I'm not sure why they switched.

You can't see it from the angle the photo was taken, but the third guy is actually just flipping you off.