Friday, November 6, 2015

Glue and Paint: Tau Empire II

I mean to update this whenever I work my Tau, but I've been kind of tired after spending the evenings working on them.  Some updates then?

I'm slowly assembling models and working out the bases for them as well.  I've put the premixed grout I use for the texture material on the bases on enough flying stands to cover all the currently assembled drones.

As it turns out, the new Fire Warriors box comes with two kinds of backpacks: one set for Strike Teams (which are what my current bundle of Fire Warriors are) and one set for Breacher Teams.  Since I was planning on getting the new boxed set to build Breacher Teams, this works out for me.  I can always order more Farsight Enclave shoulder pads if I need them.

Most of my Crisis suits are assembled and based.  As it turns out I have fifteen of them, not twelve as I thought.  The newly released Crisis Suits aren't bigger than the previous model, but they certainly come with more detail and options.  They're also in way more pieces than the old suits, but I'm not complaining as their torso fit together perfectly.  The old model suits require panel smoothing and gap filling to look decent due to being a 10 year old mold (the sprues were labeled 2005) that was used to death because Crisis suits were used for Commanders, Crisis Teams, Bodyguards, the foundation for the old metal and plastic Broadsides, and were included in quite a few Forge World commander kits.  So no tears will be shed over replacing the old Crisis suit model and in fact it should be commended for standing up to the rigors of time so well.  Somebody at Games Workshop knows how to take care of their molds (there are Eldar models that date back to 1992).

My magnets arrived and while they take a bit of time and care to install, it will be well worth the effort of drilling 1/16" diameter holes in everything when I can mix and match equipment loads on all the battlesuits.  Bad news is that I have a bunch of assembled models I need to install these things on, and it might be slightly tricky to drill the holes now.  The plan is to put a rail made from paperclips on the equipment so I don't have to worry about polarity; just cut a slot in all the mount points for the equipment, cut a straight length of paperclip, glue it in.

There's an immense amount of work to still do, and I haven't gotten to painting.  There's a great deal of assembling still to do on all those drones in the boxes.  I need to inspect everything and clean up mold lines and cooling dents before I can primer everything.

Here's some Crisis suits.