Monday, June 6, 2016

A Week in Miniatures: May 30th to June 5th

Wow, I actually don't remember a lot of this week...

First of all, I finally caved and bought the huge monster model for the Stormcast Eternals; the Stardrake.  I had been sitting on the fence about it for awhile until I saw the model in person.  It is certainly one of those models that the studio paint job doesn't do justice to.  It took about four hours to assemble.  I haven't actually glued the rider to the stardrake nor the stardrake to its base;  I'd actually like to paint everything well before gluing them.  The rider stays on pretty well though.  I will have to say that the rider himself was the most frustrating thing to assemble due to his much smaller and finer pieces.  The stardrake was large chunky pieces that fit together well.  I've taken the liberty of posting the photo at the original resolution to give you a sense of just how big this thing is.

Drakesworn Templar on Stardrake
Oh, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that there are some rather large optional pieces for the Stardrake.  The parts are there for either hammer iconography or twin-tailed comet iconography.  The Lord-Celestant options are even more extensive in that regard, changing the overall look of the rider substantially depending on how you want to assemble it.
I got around to assembling that second Dracothian Guard model as well.  Since the Concussors are the most general purpose out of the models that can be built, I've opted to make a unit of two. The models are rather nice to assemble, though it certainly went quicker the second time around.  The number of details on the model are quite nice without being too busy.
Dracothian Guard Concussor
Not quite sure how I plan to paint them, as there are plenty of details on them that are not present in the Lord-Celestant that came in the Age of Sigmar boxed set.  Curiously, there is no bit for a Tempestos Hammer in the Dracothian Guard box.  Even more curious is the fact that a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth has the option of taking a shield, but no game rules are provided for it.  While I could extrapolate the rules from the same wargear item that the Lord-Celestant on Stardrake has, this is dangerous to do in AoS.  A prime example is the difference between how a Lightning Hammer works for a Dracothian Guard model compared to it works for a Retributor.  So I can't just assume that wargear works the same across different units.
Lord-Celetant (VAE VICTUS!)

I finished precisely one model this week.  I actually finished my Lord-Celestant on foot.  I think it came out nicely.  As usual, I had to break up the overwhelming amount of gold they have.  It's strange how a nice coat of Testor Flat will exaggerate the subtle differences in colors.

Incidentally, these Stormcast belong to what I'm calling the Empyreal Hunters.  Now that the Army of Your Dreams competition is closed to new entries, I will share what I wrote in a different post.

I do keep track of things I have to do.  At the start of a project I enter the new models into a database I have.  At present, given the models I have been tracking, I have 36 models on sprues, 34 that are in pieces but organized in small plastic bags, 123 that are assembled but not primered, 61 models that are being painted, and 15 that are verified complete.