Monday, July 25, 2016

A Week In Miniatures: July 18th to July 24th

Well, honestly this past week is the first time in the last three that I've sat down and seriously worked on some miniatures.

I managed to find the two Land Raiders I bought a decade ago.  Actually started painting one of them as well.  It's a Land Raider Redeemer, which I can't actually use in a Horus Heresy Astartes army.  Which is fine, I'll just roll up and burn heretics with heavy flamers in normal 40k.

Of course I have to go through and find all the other parts for it; hatches and such.  But the essentials are there; the Assault Cannon and sponson weapons.  You'll notice that I put the sponsons in front of the disembarkation doors.  Because what jerk thought it'd be better to have the doors in front of the weapons?  Let me shoot my own men with heavy weapons.  Smart, right?

I also traded Khorne Bloodbound models for a third Land Raider.  I really don't want to strip this one down, but I like having matched colors, so... it's headed for the paint stripper.  Unfortunately.  But that's the way it is.  Maybe I'll get lucky and some of the pieces will come off so I can re-arrange things.

I also decided to finally get off my butt and paint the angry trees I have lying around.  I carefully removed them from the group basing I had them on for Kings of War so I could use them for Age of Sigmar.  If I really want to use them for Kings of War I'll just invest in some movement trays.  Pretty simple paint scheme.  Base in Dryad Bark, drybrush with Administratum Grey, then wash with Agrax Earthshade.  Then paint all the sigils, eyes, and mouths with a watered down white, ink with a red.  There's other subtle bits, obviously.  I've decided to distinguish the units by war paint type markings.
Sylvaneth Dryads

There's some nice new models for the tree folk as well.  I rather like the new Drycha model (I like to call it a Dryad Knight), and I have one of those.  It's a named character, unfortunately.  It would have been nice to see some kind of generic unit boxed with the kit, much like how the plastic Treeman (now Treelord) kit was; Treeman, Treeman Ancient, or Durthu.  It is a nice model though and I plan to spend some time making it look good.

Drycha Hamadreth
There are also the Kurnoth Hunters, which are also pretty sweet models.  They come with three different weapon options for the unit; a big honking bow, a big honking sword, or a big honking scythe.  They're all quite nasty options, but as I have taking a general look at the Sylvaneth army list, I realize that they are lacking in ranged options.  So I picked the bows with a 30" range, which is a rather long range in Age of Sigmar for a bow.

That said, I can use the scythes to build a few
Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows.
Branchwyches out of spare Dryad parts.  There's certainly enough weird little spite things left over from the Spirit of Durthu model and the Dryads to represent the Bittergrub thing.

I have a box of Dryads and Tree-Revenants to assemble as well.  There's also still some spare Wood Elves floating around my project boxes that can reinforce the Sylvaneth. 

The biggest problem is how reliant the Sylvaneth are on having a specific terrain feature available.  They need woods.   So my plan is to make some scratch-built wood features to serve as Sylvaneth Wyldwoods.  I figure I'll make nine woods with removable trees, which amounts to three Sylvaneth Wyldwoods.