Thursday, July 3, 2014

Relic Knights: Model Extravaganza Part 1

Well, I figure I should share some models I've completed since receiving my Kickstarter goodies.  I apologize in advance for the photos; my phone's camera was all I had available to shoot pictures with.  It's image heavy, so see you after the jump.

 Here is Amelial, the Void Herald.  Her left hand is tiny and doesn't look right when put in correctly, so I chopped the peg and glued it so it looks more natural than the default pose.

These are the Blowhards.  The dude is clearly modeled after Solid Snake.  The female model needs some facial reconstruction so she doesn't look like a Little Gray Man.

The Broadside Cannon.  This was fun to assemble, though it definitely needs pinning to the base since there is no mount point for it, period.  I need to epoxy the brass rod into the base; it doesn't want to stay.

Calico Kate!  This pose is the one the original model came in, and the kit includes an alternate pose.  But I felt the alternate pose was boring, so I stuck with the more exciting one.

 This is Cordelia Clean.  She is four parts and fairly simple to assemble, though cleaning her was a bit troublesome because of all those curves.

This dude took quite awhile to clean and assemble.  This is Harbonath the Void Reaper, and man he looks wicked cool.

The Hell's Bells.  There's one missing due to the body and leg parts being MIA, but you can get the idea of what they're all about.  They're fast.  I'm tempted to boot up JetMoto 2 and steal paint schemes from it for them, since I have four more to assemble.

I actually had the resin and metal version of Iron Chef (the model pictured above), and this plastic version is so much easier to assemble.  For one, that arm across his chest is a separate piece in the new version; the resin version had it molded in as part of the body.

I like Kenobo; he was very easy to assemble and is in a fairly nifty pose.

 This is Moffett, who keeps escaping her base.  I'm not pleased with the face and hair, so I'll likely try to resculpt it.

The Royal Wrecker What Gives Me Fits.  Yeah.  Seriously.  You have to assemble the pilot, then build the main suit body around her without gluing her in place, and then get the arms and legs glued in.

Like Moffett, Squall here needs some face work.  Might add onto the scarf too for dynamic wind.

This here is Wildspace Gabe, taken from Penny Arcade.  That little guy there is his buddy the Fleshreaper (I guess 'The Merch' was too tame a name?).  Sadly, Gabe is more impressive than the official Captain Harlock lookalike, Captain Harker.

And of course there's models I didn't photograph, but I'll get to them some other time.