Monday, July 14, 2014

Relic Knights: Model Extravaganza Pt 2

More Relic Knight models, assembled!  Some of these were assembled last time but I either had horrific photos of them or forgot them in the first batch.  This time I had an actual camera to take photos with and I can tell the difference. See you after the jump!

 This is the Candy Rush model, or rather, Soda Pop Miniature's mascot Candy as a Relic Knight.  I actually don't like this model and consider it the most boring 'big guy' model so far.  I'm probably going to cut it off the base and tweak some stuff so it isn't leaning quite so far forward.

 This is the Captain Harlock look-alike; Captain Harker.  He's a one-piece model and I kind of wish his cape was billowing in the wind.  Unfortunately, there is no good way to mod that without extensive reconstruction and remodeling.  Not something I want to do with this many models on my plate...

Captain Harker's cypher, Cesar.  Haven't quite decided what I want to do about the base yet.
 Candy Rush's cypher, Cola.

 The three different models of Star Nebula Corsairs.  The woman is one per box, the two men are two per box, for a total of 5 models in a box.  I have seven more corsair models assembled.  Watch out for the wide stance on that right-most model.

Ah, Darkspace Iron Chef.  I can only use him if I'm running Harbonath since I have no Black Diamond Mercenary knights/leaders.  But I really got him because it's Solid Snake.  He even has a  rule called Brown Box that says you can't shoot him or fling spells at him if he's not in the Ready queue.

 Darkspace Isabeau is dressed up as Faye Valentine.  She works for the Star Nebula Corsairs.  It was kind of a pain to put her together because her hair is a separate piece that almost weighs as much as the rest of the model.

Delphyne, a Doctrine Questing Knight designed after Little Red Riding Hood.  Those fingers of her are very tiny; be very careful when cleaning the arms.

 And what would Little Red Riding Hood be without her Big Bad Wolf?  This big dude is Ekhis, Delphyne's cypher and primary means of attack.  The two fore arm pieces need some severe trimming and fitting, and will still require sculpting work to look correct.

 I hate this model.  Because Kisa here has no mounting mechanism to get her firmly on the relic's saddle.  On top of that, I should have just drilled out her damn staff and replaced it with a steel wire from an arc welder.  As is, it is certain to break at some point.

 The Doctrine's obligatory generic unit, the Novitiates.  Two magical Japanese school girls and a buff version of Harry Potter.  Not too bad to put together and actually kind of fun to look at.

A Pacer robot.  This is the first model I assembled, actually, out of all the Relic Knights stuff (which is why it has a base insert despite my plans for the look of the Cerci Speed Circuit faction).  It arrived a day before the main box of stuff along with the Helle's Belles and the base inserts.  It's not bad to put together, though I recommend figuring out which leg is which before gluing them in.

 This is Scratch, Kisa's cypher.  Not much to say other than you might want to stick a tiny pin in his tiny feet.

One of the models I forgot to put in the last batch of photos was Skully, Calico Kate's cypher and bomb-chucking side-kick.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to include a picture of Keruv, who's Harbonath's little cypher buddy.  Can you believe this guy is seven parts?  Main body, lower body/skirt, scythe, left and right arm, left and right wing.  Sheesh.  And that's a 30mm base he's on.