Monday, March 16, 2015

Miniature Monday: Eldar

Hey, now that I'm not sick as a dog and have finally settled into my new apartment, let's try updating this again.  First up, let's get some miniatures posted.

This is an Eldar Farseer, of the plastic variety.  I painted this one up to belong to the Iybraesil Craftworld, since I like the color scheme.  Probably a bit too much blue, but I like it.

The Harlequin Solitaire! It's not particularly visible on this photo, but the Solitaire's cloak exterior is an interference paint called Dorado Dreams, which flips between a pale almost pink purple and a very pale greenish color.  Which is why the primary solid colors are pale purples and very pale greens.  It's a philosophy I'm trying to carry over into the other Harlequin models I'm working on, as you can see with the crew of this Harlequin Starweaver.

They have an interference paint called Caribbean Surf for the jacket exteriors.  Obviously the Starweaver isn't finished yet.  The hull is going to also be an interference paint, one called Aquarius Shift.  Hopefully I can get enough done on it to have some progress photos next Monday.