Monday, March 30, 2015

Miniature Monday: Starships

I dug out my starship models because I've been designing a starship combat game.  Some of these I haven't published photographs of before...

This is an Imperial Dauntless class cruiser from Battlefleet Gothic.  I dubbed it the Long Pursuit.
Another Dauntless cruiser belonging to the Imperium.  This one is called the Baptism By Fire.
A Lunar class cruiser, belonging to the Imperium of Man, the Argentus.
This is specifically a ship built by the Adeptus Mechanicus, though the class designation escapes me at the moment.  The Rubedo Oculus.
 A Rogue Trader cruiser from Battlefleet Gothic, the Divine Grace.
An Eldar Hellebore Frigate.  My notes show it's called the Phoenix's Pinion.
 A couple of Hellebore Frigates.
An Eldar ship (I forget the exact classification) I thought looked a lot like the Planet Express ship.  So I call it the Solar Express.

The first NCL (New Light Cruiser) I painted.  It's the Reliant.

A NCL from the Starfleet Battles line of miniatures.  I think this is a Starline 2500 version.  Putah is the name of a major irrigation creek around here.