Monday, May 2, 2016

A Week in Miniatures: April 25 to May 1

So I put a halt on my plans to paint my Ultramarines...

The reason is that I need to have some way to safely transport all the miniatures I have assembled before I get too far in painting.  I played a game with them and some of the more delicate models had pieces come off during transport.  I decided to invest in KR Multicase's foam, and simply build my own box with an eye to eventually expand.  Cost of foam is around $340 and I ordered enough in the first batch to hold the Tactical Squads, Assault Squads, Terminators, assorted characters, and alternate squad models.  The foam for the Sky Hunter and Legion Outriders will be in the next batch of foam ordered.  And people say Games Workshop's prices are high...  I probably could have just spent the $140 on a huge Citadel case and been done with it.

I did get some work done on the Warhound.  The Legio Astorum has a brassy sort of metal edging, so I'm using Drillbit Metal (from Reaper's Heavy Gear Blitz Color line) as the base color and then I plan to use Brass (Vallejo Model Color).  Might highlight with Liberator Gold (Citadel), but I haven't really decided yet.

 As you can see, there's more color on it!  The carapace has some of the Drill Bit Metal on it and the eyes have been painted a nice green color.  You can also see that I have painted the legs and toe armor with the same sort of technique that I did the carapace with.  The benefit of experience is that I did not use black on them this time.  Instead I used a dark periwinkle (VMC Oxford Blue) to contrast the blueness.

The plan is to paint the skulls in a nice bright silver to contrast with all the dark colors.  Eventually I want to order the Legio Astorum transfer sheet from Forge World to add detail to this model.  Let's face it, it is lacking in sculpted details and could use the help.

I also assembled an Imperial Knight and made its weapons interchangeable.  This was a little tricky given the size of the limbs, but with some 3/8" diameter magnets it was doable.  They hold in fairly well due to the surface area that they're in contact with.  I did not magnetize the heavy stubber mounted near the shoulders because it would be too much trouble to access the area after it was fully assembled.  I still have the Thermal Cannon and Rapid Fire Battle Cannon to magnetize, even though the Rapid Fire Battle Cannon fits pretty well without glue or magnets at the moment.

The plan is to paint this guy up like another member of the Legio Astorum, so the colors you see on the Warhound will end up this guy as well.  The head and arms are still articulated.  I haven't quite decided what to do with the base yet.

Finally I decided I needed a break from 40k models this month, so I shifted gears.  My Frostgrave warband and Stormcast Eternals will get some attention from the brush this month.  The Basileans I have for Kings of War will be worked on this month as well, but they need assembly.

At any rate, that is it for this week.