Monday, May 23, 2016

A Week in Miniatures: May 16 to May 23

Not too much to report here...

The magnetic miniature box.
I built a box with a magnetic liner to allow me to store miniatures with washers attached to the bottom.  This worked a lot better than I anticipated, likely due to the fact that I'm affixing large washers to the bottom of 40mm (or larger) bases for the Stormcast Eternals.  So there's quite a bit of surface area between the magnetic liner and the washer.  On top of that, we're talking about nothing but plastic models; the washers compose the majority of the weight of the whole assembly.  Which means I can hold this tub upside-down and none of the models fall out.  I wouldn't want to shake it hard, but the models don't shift too much when transported in the back of a car.

That done, I assembled five more Liberators, five more Judicators, and a Knight-Venator for the Stormcast Eternals.  I also glued shields in place as well, since I'd originally left them off so I could paint the models thoroughly.  Ultimately I decided that since we're dealing with rank and file models (Prosecutors and Liberators), I actually didn't care all that much.

I put some paint down on the models, but nothing really to write home about.  I did find out that I could skip the underlying coat of brown and put the Vallejo Bright Bronze straight onto the model.  Which means things will get simpler to paint.

As a side note, I have a copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  While I will cover that in a different post, I did find out that several models are labeled with the wrong base sizes in the instructions.  The Ogroid Thaumaturge is supposed to be on a 50mm base (not sure how well he fits on the game board), and the Pink Horrors go on 32mm bases.