Monday, August 15, 2016

A Week in Miniatures: August 8th to August 14th

It was a slow week, in terms of getting any miniatures worked on.

And no photos this week either, as there isn't too much to show for the week! 

I assembled a Treelord Ancient in a kind of a weird pose.  I had to trim off the beard portions to fit the head in.  If I had to do it over again I would have not used the head and neck combo I did.  The thing about the Treelord kit is that there are a set of common pieces for all three kits; the variations in poses come from the variant joining pieces.  These are the elbows, shoulders, necks, knees, and hips.  The heads are different too, as are the right hands.  By varying these you can get a variety of poses out of the Treelord kit.  However, some combinations work better than others.  Blue tack putty is pretty essential if you want to test the poses out before committing glue to plastic.

I also received a Roboute Guilliman model from a buddy to whom I gave a bunch of my metal Ork character models to.  Honestly I gave them to him because I had finally admitted to myself that I wasn't ever going to get around to painting them and wanted to make sure they were in the hands of somebody who would appreciate them.  To be rewarded with something I've been wanting is much appreciated.  The down side is that the model's scabbard piece was busted off and that I actually won't get around to doing any serious work on the Primarch until after the Sylvaneth are finished.

The Sylvaneth are a priority for two reasons.  The first is that having an actual fully-painted army would be very nice; most of the Sylvaneth are painted now that the Dryads are finished.  It is very rare for me to actually completely paint an army.  The second is that I am planning to enter the Armies on Parade at my local Games Workshop store in October.

However, I do need to assemble some Heavy Gear models.  These are metal and require quite a bit of work to prepare for painting.  There's a lot of mold flaws to fix and fitting work to do.  I need to assemble my Cheetahs to provide ECM coverage for my units.  It's a rather important defensive aspect of the game and the Cheetahs are the premier electronic warfare gear for the North due to their mobility, availability, and level of ECM.

Well, that's all for this week.