Monday, August 29, 2016

A Week In Miniatures: August 22nd to August 28th.

So here's another week in which I accomplished very little!

I worked only on the Roboute Guilliman model.  Specifically the base, since I'm going to be super picky about fitting and cleaning everything.  Still, there's gap-filling and fitting required to make it as seamless looking as I can get it.  The tricky part is making sure the smaller play base can be removed from the larger display base.  I will likely mount the entire display base in a plastic case to keep him dust free and secure.  And use magnets to secure the play base and half of the display base.  I won't know what size case to get until the model is complete.

I have a commission this week.  I will post about it next week as it is for somebody's birthday and I do not wish to spoil it by accident.

"Brothers, the xenos are that way!" (Photo by Mad Badger)
I do get to play games with my models once in awhile.  This weekend I played a game against Mad Badger (I'm not certain he wants his real name revealed, so I'm using his online alias...); My Ultramarines against his Imperial Fists.  Now, this was using the 40k lists, not the Horus Heresy lists.  He wanted to learn how his Space Marines played, so we agreed to play a small game.  It was largely a comedy of errors; the most notable event to me was that two Tactical Squads spent 5 turns locked in combat trying to injure each other with strong language and harsh maternal insults.  Quite hilarious.  But after the war exercise was over, they found some common ground...

Awhile ago I promised 'family photos' of my Space Marines.  Well, I finally got around to breaking out all my assembled Space Marine toys.  I probably should have taken closer photos, but I didn't think too hard about it.  As you can see, there is a lot of repair and restoration work necessary for the vehicles.