Monday, April 24, 2017

Miniature Monday 4/24/2017

Another week, another batch of miniatures!  Good thing about the Carcharodons is that I can almost build them as fast as I can paint them.

Carcharodon in Tartaros Terminator Armor
Tactical Marine
One of the principles I've been trying to stick to with regard to how I've been assembling the Space Sharks is that they use older equipment that's been mashed together with other stuff.  Which strangely has had the consequence of making them look like non-mutated Chaos Space Marines.

Look at this Terminator to the left for example.  The arms were taken from the Cataphractii Terminator kit because I felt the lightning claws from that kit gave the model a much more menacing look.  He also resembles something you'd see in a renegade Astartes chapter.  It surprised me how well the Cataphractii arms work with the Tartaros body.

Tactical Marine

There's two other kitbashes I'd like to mention: the Chaplain and the Captain.  The Chaplain was made from a variety of sources, but it started with a metal Space Marine arm that was pointing and evolved from there.  There's not many parts on that model that come from the same kit as it turns out.

The Captain was primarily made from the Death Watch Kill Team kit, as I felt the Mk VIII armor was reinforced enough to be artificer armor.  The arms are spare Tartaros Terminator arms, with a Mk IV plasma pistol hand.  I don't recall where the head was from at this point, but the iron halo is composed of parts from a Drop Pod and a Venerable Dreadnought.  I haven't decided what chapter his latest kill is from yet.  Probably Astral Claws or Lamenters.

As you can see from the photos, nearly the entire tactical squad is done, with the exception of the poor guy who's being used to create the How To Paint guide.  I've got some scouts to paint as well, which will be the first largish batch of Carcharodons who're showing skin.  There's the rest of the Tartaros Terminator squad as well, but they need some additional basing elements.

Carcharodon Captain

Carcharodon Chaplain