Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Week In Miniatures: August 29th to September 4th

A day late or so, but it's been a weird weekend for me.  So trying to get into the swing of things again...

I did finish up the dragons, though I feel they were not as light in tone as they should have been.  I sealed them twice since they are probably going to get handled a lot by children;  I hope the extra coat helps reduce wear and tear on them. 
These models were from the Reaper Bones line, which has been notoriously difficult for me (and others) to get paint to stick to as advertised.  You're supposed to just apply acrylic paint directly to an unprimered Reaper Bones model, but that has never worked in my prior experiences.  Forgetting this, I primered them as normal.  And then I realized this was a problem since the primer was never going to cure.  So they got thrown in Super Clean for twelve hours to clean them off.  Now, I'm not entirely sure what happened, but after I rinsed them off, acrylic paints stuck to them just fine.  It's probably the caustic nature of the Super Clean that did something to the surface of the PVC or it removed a stubborn mold release that normal soap and water can't touch.  I plan to try it with some other Reaper Bones models I have to see how exactly this works.
There are some subtle shade differences on them, largely to give some kind of visual contrast given one color dominates the models.  For example, the fins of both dragons were not quite inked in a lighter but related color, and then the dominating color was put back on in wash form to tone down the contrast.  The overall color scheme was based on Larry Elmore's covers for the Dragonlance novels.  Most of the work on these guys was done with washes, inks, and drybrushing after putting down the base colors.  The red dragon took longer than I'd thought it would, owing to both its larger size and heavily textured body.

The next batch of things is more Sylvaneth for Age of Sigmar.  I actually don't have too much to go on them, considering that the bulk of the army was the forty dryads.  Then I have more Space Marines to assemble and paint.