Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Miniature Monday 9/27/16

Man, my health has really prevented me from getting a lot done other than assembly this month.  That said, I did try to get back into painting this weekend.

Because I've lost three weeks to illness, I don't have everything done that I would like to have done for Armies On Parade.  If I hadn't been sick, I'd be done painting the models by now.  Ah well.
A Kurnoth Hunter, completed
I finally determined the last few colors to use on the Kurnoth Hunters.  Since there's an overwhelming amount of dark and warm colors, I opted to splash in some cooler colors like greens and dark blues.  The bows (and other weapons that the other Sylvaneth models have) are painted with a rich gold for the metallics and a light brown for the wood parts.  Then the whole weapon is lightly washed with green.  The interior was washed with a white to make the red and yellow inks pop out more.  It turns out that Bloodletter over large areas of white results in a pinkish tone, which doesn't really fit with the look of something burning.  So Cassandora Yellow had to be added to make it look correct.  Adding the Burnt Grass to the base really made the model come alive in my opinion.

I have four kitbashed Branchwraiths to work with, and all of them will look different.  One of them is intended to look like she is made of fire, which  is quite tricky.  I used the Bloodletter and Cassandora Yellow trick on her and she looks pretty decent now.

The plan this week is to hit all the dryads with sealant and get the burnt grass on the bases.  I think they'll look quite nice afterwards.  Should be fun!