Monday, October 3, 2016

Miniature Monday 10/2/17

Finally back on schedule to post entries!  A few things to cover this week.

Hey, I got the Kurnoth Hunters finished and I am quite happy with them.

Kurnoth Hunter
 They're almost painted like the dryads are, except they needed some additional variation of color due to their larger size and extra detail.  The 'flesh' between the woody armor plates was based in Baneblade Brown and the vine-like growths were based in Steel Legion Drab.  The Agrax Earthshade tones down the brightness of both and ties the colors in with the rest of the model.

The hollow torso sections required some thought, since Bloodletter over white just turns out pink, which isn't very fiery.  The solution was to put a wash of Cassandora Yellow on after the Bloodletter had dried, leading to a more satisfying look.  I used it on a converted Branchwraith to give the appearance of being made of flame.  You will probably see that model next week.

Then there was the problem of the weapons, quiverlings, and arrows.  There's already all these dark and warm tones on the models; I felt like I didn't want more of the same.  The solution was to introduce some green tones into the visual language.  This consisted of basing things in Baneblade Brown, Retributor Armor, and Moot Green.  Then a light wash of Biel-Tan Green to stain the brown and gold and enhance the Moot Green.
Kurnoth Hunter

 All the models that I have finished to date also got spray sealed and some Burnt Grass (from Woodland Scenics) added to the base.  The lighter tones of the Burnt Grass helped break up the dark drabness of the models and really enhanced them.  I'm pretty happy with how they've all turned out so far.

Of course I'm still not sure what to do with the Branchwych and remaining two Branchwraiths.  A part of me wants to paint the Branchwraiths all different, which would certainly give them an individual appearance and help them stand out from the Dryad models they were kitbashed from.  The Branchwych is mystifying me entirely and I may just adopt a radically different scheme for her.

As for the Tree-Revenants, they're coming along nicely.  Instead of a more spirit-like or ghostly skin like most of the Games Workshop studio paint schemes uses, I am painting them actual skin colors.  To keep it simple, it consists of RMS Rosy Skin highlighted with RMS Fair Skin.  The skin tones stand out quite a bit from the darker wood colors that the rest of the models possess, and comes off a bit creepy in my opinion.

Kurnoth Hunter
I also have a 2'x2' board to work on for Armies On Parade.  I should have it done this week, but it will take some time given the size of the thing.  I still have other models I would like to paint for Armies on Parade, but I will likely not have time to complete them before the deadline.  Being sick for a good solid month put a crimp in a lot of my plans for Armies on Parade.  If not for that, I would probably have finished all my Sylvaneth models, finished painting a Wyldwood, and would only need to focus on completing the Shattered Dominion tile.  Such is life.

After Armies On Parade is over, I have some Heavy Gear models to assemble for a campaign my brother and I want to start.  Then it's time to jam out Heresy-era Ultramarines like crazy, as we are going to start a Horus Heresy campaign locally.

See you next week, folks.