Monday, October 31, 2016

Miniature Monday 10/31/16

I actually took a week off from doing anything miniature related.  Needed some time away from the hobby after the rush that was Armies on Parade.

I'm in a consolidation mode; slowly stripping and disassembling all the Dark Angels stuff I got from the swap meet.  Fortunately for me, they seem to have all been assembled using superglue.  A few instances of accelerant use on the models; noticeably in gluing metal models into the slotted bases.  Over a hundred models bagged for later assembly.  I need to stop buying models and buy foam & cases for them.  Wish me luck on that.

I finally sat down and assembled the handful of Heavy Gear models for the campaign my brother and I are up to.  Not sure why all brands of super glue are giving me fits, they just won't dry as quickly as I remember them.  Have to throw sand on the base and primer the lot though.

Now I've got to push and get a whole heap of models painted for the Horus Heresy.  49 models specifically; a Legion Praetor, 40 Tactical Marines, 2 Contemptor-Cortus Dreadnoughts, 2 Land Speeders, 4 Legion Jetbikes.  Should look really nice when they're all done though.  The real hurdle here is the 40 freaking Space Marines to paint; they're not simple to paint like the Sylvaneth Dryads were.  Still, they're simpler than Stormcast Eternals to paint.  Maybe I should consider something like the Pride of the Legion Rite of War to simplify things.

It's funny what realizations come to you when you start noodling about with lists.  For example, it's simply not worth putting a Legion Praetor or Legion Centurion in Terminator armor because they already get a 2+ armor save and an Iron Halo or Refractor Field is cheaper than the Terminator armor is.