Monday, November 7, 2016

Miniature Monday 11/6/16

The logistics of a large collection of miniatures is an interesting problem...

... especially when most of them are in pieces or need restoration work.  I actually had to create a spreadsheet to track my Heresy-era Ultramarines (and other things), which you can see here if you like.  Any of you are welcome to copy the idea/format of the spreadsheet if you'd like.  I started it because I needed a way to track what a model needed without having to dig through a half dozen boxes of bits and bobs.  With hundreds of models in my possession to keep track of and hundreds more that I'd like to get, I hope you can appreciate why I track things like this.  Green means they're a priority to get complete.

Another organization method I employ is putting all the parts I need for a particular model in a small plastic bag that you can get in a craft store or the craft section of a big box store (such as Walmart or Target).  Because I often have to wait at my desk for computer code to run, I can work on a model while keeping an eye on the computer.  Assembling models in mass quantities is not something doable at the work desk since I'd lose track of which model I was working on.  Working on models individually also limits the number of small parts that can get knocked off the desk.  I can also transport unassembled models easily and the bags are reusable as well.

Storage is an issue too.  The plan I have is to buy KR Multicase foam for the models so I can slap inventory sheets on the boxes so I know what's in them.  But then I have to actually stop buying models first.  Which is kind of difficult for me, I admit.

As for what I painted this week.  Well, it's been Ultramarines.  Getting the first twenty-man squad up to speed.  They're not done because the blue armor is the most labor intensive portion of the process and I haven't even gotten around to highlighting them all yet.  They've all got their bases painted and their armor base-coated with Kantor Blue though, which to me is an accomplishment in of itself.  But once the armor is done, things should go much quicker because it's all little details at that point.

I also primered about a hundred models this week.  Why?  Because I figured it was time to primer the models I want for my army list and that I might as well primer everything that wasn't primered already.  Even the models that I'm probably not getting to any time soon were primered.  With so many infantry models to paint, I need to have non-infantry models to paint as a break from them.

I am considering a painting guide on how I paint my Ultramarines, but I've got no idea who would be interested in that.  Alternately I could write about how to paint faces since that's a problem area for many people.  Let me know what kind of painting guide you'd like to see in the comments section.