Monday, May 15, 2017

Miniature Monday 5/15/2017

It's been a pretty busy week!

First of all, let's talk about the Inner Circle army building event that Games Workshop did from February to May.  My roomie won first place at the local shop.  I admit that I pretty much turned up and participated because I had nothing else planned for Saturday, so my Carcharodons went on display to support the local GW store and root for my roomie.  I walked away with Best Themed Army somehow.  Anyway, I managed to snag photos of all but one of the local entries.  I suspect there were fewer people to show up than expected because people did not get all their models done for the event.

Shadow War: Damocles

The Iron Crows


The Night Lords

Hive Fleet Amaranthus

Ultramarines and Eldar, on actual cake.

Yes, that was actual cake.  We later ate it.  I suspect I took a photo of the Iron Crows before my room-mate had finished putting everything out, as I remember there being a lot more stuff on the board.  The army I missed was a bunch of purple Tau that were pretty nifty to look at all things considered!

You can probably tell if you've paid attention to the blog that I finished some more Space Sharks this week.  The captain and five Tartaros terminators are finally complete!  And I must say I'm quite pleased with them.  Eventually I'm going to add more details like a the chapter symbol and blood spatters, but for now I'm done with them.  Pushing myself to get five terminator-sized models done the night before a competition burned me out for a bit.  I plan to finish up Tyberos the Red Wake and call it done until Warhammer's next edition releases.  The painter of the Night Lords (seen above) suggested using dental floss to model guts for the models. 

 I found that it is helpful to really pile on the Martian Ironearth and Martian Ironcrust.  The crackling effect really starts showing up with more material, as you can see with the terminators.  However, the next iteration of models will probably get a dusting of Rust Orange on the bases as well, since it dulls the shiny after-effect of the Dark Oxide wash I've been applying. 
I discovered that a moist brush is best to use for applying pigment powders, because it'll stick better to the model while you push it around.  I found it best to stab at the model with the pigment powder if I'm trying to really get across the idea that they've been stomping around in the dust for awhile.  This helps create a variety in the dust.  You can see in the photos where some of the dusty areas look a bit more clumped than others.

 The toughest part of painting the Carcharodons has been figuring out where to put the spot colors to offset all the neutral tones that are the primary color palette.  It was a bit easier with the Captain and the Terminators because they had plenty of decorative bits that I could paint up in their brass.  I got away with using the scouts' skin as a spot color because they used a much warmer skin tone than the other models (the Fair Skin triad from Reaper).  I started calling the captain 'Captain Dracula' because of how incredibly pale he really was.  This is what happens when you use Reaper's Vampiric Skin triad for the skin tones.

Hey so I realized that I finished my Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants many months ago and never published photos of them!  So we're going to finish up this blog by sharing some miscellaneous Sylvaneth models that I don't think I've published on this blog.
Branchwraith #1

Branchwraith #2