Saturday, May 6, 2017

Setting Saturday 5/6/17: Gods of the Havens

I haven't written one of these in some time.  But as I'm jonesing for some tabletop RPG action, I might as well talk about some stuff I did a few years ago.

In real life, the myths and stories surrounding godly entities reflects the cultural beliefs of the society that worships them.  Those myths were a method for pre-writing cultures to preserve their cultural values and laws.  So with this in mind, you have to think about what kind of culture or people worship a given pantheon or deity.

This pantheon was designed with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons in mind.  However, the write-ups should allow you to adapt them to other game systems if you desire.  Also note that every entry contains alternate epithets or titles the deity is referred to by.

Ariato (N, Death, Life, Protection,War)

The Shepherd of Souls, The Watcher In The Darkness, Lord of the Celestial River.  

Ariato guides the souls of the dead through their journey down the Celestial River, and devises the trials that test each soul as they work their way towards rebirth.  Simply put, Ariato is the god of life and death.  Priests of Ariato are doctors, morticians, midwives, and battle clerics.  They are those who guide others into this life or from it.  Ariato is said to have shielded The Havens from the Rain of Fire.

Gemari (LN, Knowledge, Magic)

The Architect of Thought, The Divine Magister, Lord of Magic.  

Gemari's purview is knowledge and magic and is said to have inspired the founding of the arcane colleges.  Gemari's influence was greatly diminished during the Year of Fire, when most of the knowledge of multiple civilizations were lost.  Many of his clergy work to uncover the knowledge lost in the Year of Fire, and a small heretical sect of his priests work to recover the secret of airships.  Gemari finds worshippers among the scholarly professions and wizards.  Legend has it that man, elf, dwarf, and halfling were animals created by Tremas and Nevela, and remained bestial until given the knowledge of fire by Gemari.

Istella (NG, Darkness, Harvest)

Shepherdess of the Stars, Lady of the Night Sky.  

Istella is the daughter of Lorek, the result of the Tarrasque attacking the Lady of the Sun.  She moves the stars across the sky, taking care of her less formed siblings until such a time they can shine on their own.  Istella's worshippers are farmers, hunters, birdkeepers, and others who rely on the stars to tell them turn of seasons.

Kiellae Sel Valar (CG, Music)

Kelly Silver-Voice, The Muse, Our Lady of Inspiration

Kiellae is unlike the other gods; she was once a mortal.  During the world's dawn, she was an elf who was so gifted in song, art, and poems that she was plucked from the mortal world by Lorek to be the muse and patron for artists.  Humans render her name as Kelly Silver-Voice.

Lorek (LG, Life, Light, Protection, Sun)

The Sun, Her Radiance, The Lady, Empress of Light, Light-Bringer

Worship of Lorek is the primary religion of The Havens, because she showed the way to the Havens even as she wept tears of fire at her husband's death.  She was the first light to turn back the Primal Darkness and was a beacon that lead the other gods to the world.  She once had a troublesome brother, who helped chain the Tarrasque by allowing the beast to eat his name, but he has long since allowed his wanderlust to carry him beyond this world.  Lorek is the leader of the gods and the stories often tell of how she leads by example.  One of the widely held beliefs is that the mortal races should not learn to fly because they should not challenge Lorek's dominion of the skies.


The Moon, His Radiance, The Lord, Emperor of Light, The Gate Keeper

Marche was the god of the moon and Lorek's husband, and then the Tarrasque ate him, causing the moon to shatter and the world to end in fire.  The legends say that Marche was the keeper of the Tarrasque and would descend into the void every month to check her chains, causing the lunar cycle.  The remaining large chunks of the moon are called the Gravestones, while the small and barely visible pieces are called Marche's Blood. There are no cults or organized worship of Marche anymore, though old prayers that were devoted to him survive as short sayings to ward off ill fortune.

Nevela (N, Animals, Nature, Ocean, Tempest)

Earth Mother, The Lady of Storms

Nevela created the world alongside her husband Tremas, creating all the plants, animals, all of the land and seas.  She is known for her stormy moods, particularly when her husband is causing trouble.  Offerings are given to Nevala to ensure a good harvest.  As the Lady of Storms, sailors often pray to Nevela for a safe voyage.  Nevela and Tremas are credited with creating The Havens as well.

The Tarrasque (NE)

The Primal Darkness, Mother of Monsters,  The Doom That Walks

The Tarrasque is the creator of monsters and the murderer of Marche.  She is the force of chaos and darkness in the world, but is not truly evil, only eternally hungry.  Legends say she once stalked the earth, devouring its limitless nature until she was caged by the gods, leaving only a tiny portion of the world for people to live on.  Another story tells of the time the Tarrasque took a bite of Lorek, only to spit it out because Lorek's radiance was too much for her, the stars forming from the blood of Lorek and Istella forming from the piece that was spat out.  Nobody worships the Tarrasque in the Havens.

Tremas (CN, Nature, Plants, Trickery)

The Green Man, Lord of Secrets

Tremas is a god associated with forests, mysteries, and trickery, and is Nevela's husband in the grand scheme of things.  He is traditionally a source of trouble for the gods, for he often knows things that other gods don't.  Tremas and Nevela are known as the progenitors of plants and animals and are usually worshipped as a pair.  It is said that the one person that Tremas cannot keep a secret from or trick is his wife.  Tremas does not get along with Gemari, because the god of knowledge dislikes secrets.