Monday, May 29, 2017

Miniature Monday 5/29/2017

Work has been kind of brutal the last two weeks, hence why I'm posting this on a day off.  Well, we have two weeks to cover then.

I've gone back to painting my Age of Sigmar stuff for awhile, mostly as a break from painting 40k things.  While only three models have been completed in that time frame, there are about 25 models being worked on for the Sylvaneth at this point.  There's also some Kharadron Overlords in the queue.  Note that all three of these completed models need static grass added to their bases.

 First up is a Drycha Hamadreth, which should look weird and creepy.  I opted for a fleshy color to her because it fits with the other more humanoid spirits I've painted so far.  Just look at the last post where the Tree-Revenants are on display.  I think all told she took a solid 8 hours.  At least two or three of those were spent waiting for washes to dry.  I had to make some interesting choices given I wasn't at home to use paints I don't normally use in my Sylvaneth color palette.  The Soul Amphora in her leg is just painted white, washed with Biel-Tan Green, and then painted with Soulstone Blue while the shade/wash is still wet.  Gave it a nice aqua tone without being completely blended.  Originally I thought I'd do it in purples and blues to make it look different from everything else.  But I couldn't make a really decent purple with the paints I had on hand.  I think it works anyway as I've been basically using the green hues to represent the magical auras of the Sylvaneth.  Like the weapons and arrows.  It's also a very stark contrasting element to all the browns used.
 I like the Branchwych model, even though putting the bittergrub onto the Branchwych is a royal pain in the ass.  Very straight foward to paint in my color scheme.  You could easily go nuts and do all sorts of things with the model.  Like replace the bittergrub with an owl?  That was one suggestion I've heard, and I'm certainly doing it if I end up with a third Branchwych model.
Nominally all the burning dryad-looking models are my Branchwraiths.  But after thinking about it quite a bit and playing with my models, they're going to be used as unit leaders for the Dryads.  Because I always seem to forget which model is the Branch Nymph and these stand out very well visually.  Which means when the Branchwraith model comes back in stock, I'll order two of them.

That wraps things up for now.