Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Miniature Monday 7/24/2017

It's a day late, but I got some sad news about an old old friend that I'd lost touch with, so I feel kind of justified in being late for once.  Last week, I just didn't get anything finished, so there's your reason for a missing week there.

The Space Shark project grinds ever onward, with eight miniatures finished this week.  First up are three Tactical squad guys that got some play last week.  Grav-Cannons and Meltaguns do terrible terrible things to Grey Knights, apparently.  Brother-Captain Stern also doesn't like it when he gets busted in the chops with a Thunder Hammer.
I do need to eventually build out to two more full tactical squads.  I know the next Tactical Sergeant I build will have a pair of lightning claws. But I've got a bunch of basic bolter bros to build as well.  I also need to add red stripes to helmets for the sergeants, as well as decals to all the models.  Nobody said making models look good was easy...

I've been complimented on how smooth the Nuln Oil wash comes out on the models.  Well...  I cheat.  That is, while I do try hard to make sure there isn't any pooling or mottling, it does happen.  But as it turns out, Nuln Oil + my primer color = Mechanicus Standard Grey.  As it also turns out, Nuln Oil + Administratum Grey = Dawnstone.  Nuln Oil + White Scar?  Probably Celestra Grey or Ulthuan Grey, have not tested that particular one out yet.

What this all means is that I can smooth over the problem areas with ease.  The main purpose of the Nuln Oil Wash is to push shadows into the grayscale and steel metallic colors  It also helps push shadows into the black areas, since Abaddon Black has a satin finish to it.  Which means the recesses end up less reflective.

As you can see, I also got another five-man Intercessor Squad finished up.  To be perfectly honest I love the new proportions of the Primaris Marines.  To the point where I wish Games Workshop had just said "We're revamping the Space Marine line to a better scale." and been done with it.  Even before the Primaris range was introduced, the Space Marine models were kind of showing their age.  I truly hope GW does produce the other styles of Space Marine armor in the same scale as the Primaris Marines.

Anyway, until next week.